Ever since I made my course on REST APIs with Flask and Python, students have been asking for a FastAPI course.

After months of work, it's here! 🎉 We've just published our FastAPI for Beginners course!

This course helps you learn the ropes of FastAPI so you can create REST APIs using this modern framework. Plus it teaches:

  • How to set up a FastAPI project.
  • How to work with async databases using the encode/databases package.
  • How to perform user authentication with JWTs using FastAPI.
  • How to write pydantic models for different use cases.

In the course, you build a REST API project using FastAPI so it's all based on examples.

And did I mention that, at least for now, the course is free?

Click the button above to join the course, or use this link: https://teclado.com/fastapi-for-beginners

I hope you'll enjoy the course. I'll see you on the inside!